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We seek to improve individual well being by empowering everyone

to exercise naturally and without threats to joints and tendons.



Patented Technology

FLEXSOLATE™ perfected the world’s first grip free technology for the fitness industry.

More Efficient

FLEXSOLATE™ gives you freedom. Less time working out all while gaining 400% more effective workouts.

Muscle Isolation

FLEXSOLATE™ grip free technology allows for targeted muscle isolation focusing on the primary muscle group.

“We wanted to develop a new technology that would enable people to isolate a particular muscle group while keeping their mind focused on the muscle being addressed.  This would give people a more effective workout so they can spend less time in the gym.”

Terry Baldwin

Developer of the Flexsolate™ Grip Free Technology

Flexsolate™ Products

Experience our Grip Free Technology and Feel the Difference.

A word from Former Mr. Universe

“I found these straps improve my form as well as the ability to isolate. I feel traditional gripping takes away 25 percent of the ability to directly isolate the muscle(s) you train because the secondary muscles will always be the first to fatigue.”


Former Mr. Universe

2 time World Champion says

“I’m a two-time world champion and current bench press world record holder..I tore a rotator  14 months ago and because of the gym in a bag I’ve been able to hit every plane and recuperate my shoulder without the surgery, I was told I would have to have. The Cuff free system is the key. Basically, anyone that uses the gym in a bag will buy one. I would never give a thumbs up for something I didn’t believe in, not only do I believe in the gym in a bag, I wouldn’t know what to do without mine. And another thing I really like the fact that it’s usable anywhere and will fit right in your suitcase. I’m able to get my workouts in at the hotel room on these long wrestling trips. And the crazy thing is there is more tension or weight than I can use…The local wrestling coach saw me using mine on Monday and he ordered his yesterday….”

Charlie Farmer

3-Time WABDL World Bench Press Champion

“GYM IN A BAG IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! I am a 3-time WABDL World Bench Press Champion and currently have 5 WORLD BENCH PRESS RECORDS. The gym in a bag gives me the edge over the competition! I am a student at the Universtiy Of Montana Western. The college gym is lacking in a lot of equipment that I need but with the bag, you can turn any gym into a great gym!”

Dustin Hanson

Customer satisfaction leads to customer loyalty…

Thank you for putting me in contact with Jerry McGowan in regards to purchasing the gym in a bag. Their customer service and follow through was great. There is a common theme that runs through both your respective companies. That theme is, of course, customer satisfaction.   The best part of customer satisfaction is that it leads to customer loyalty.

Which is better? Satisfied customers or loyal customers. Satisfied customers shop anywhere.  There are many websites that do what you do. BUT,  A loyal customer will tell all his friends about your business and will return time and time again. As presidents of your respective companies my hats off to you for going the extra mile and your focus on attention to detail.  This has and will continue to set you apart from the rest of the pack and leave you better positioned in a competitive market.”

David Garland

Flexsolate™ Experience

With the Flexsolate™ grip-free technology, you can work out faster and more efficiently than ever before while performing your movements naturally, the way the body was meant to move.

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