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Flexsolate™ Cuffs

Isolate a muscle and enjoy up to 400% more effective workouts.

This Powerful Grip Free Technology allows bodybuilders to:

  • Totally Isolate muscles
  • Perform 2-4 times more muscle activity with every lift
  • Increase workout results
  • Stay fit with less time at the gym

The technique is simple:

Until now, when you grip, you use your secondary muscles.

Hands, wrist, arms, and shoulders, in an attempt to fatigue the primary muscle.

In reality, your secondary muscles fatigue before your primary muscles are fully isolated,

Making your exercise ineffective at best!

With Grip-Free straps, you get 2-4 times the muscle activity with every lift.

Increasing workout results up to 400%.

Here is the scientific proof that backs that claim.

Now you can see why worldwide recognized bodybuilders (like Günter Schlierkamp ex Mr. Universe) used these straps.

Inside our website, you will see the Flexsolate Cuffs in action, watch over 23 Exercises that are being achieved with Flexsolate Straps. 

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Stay strong and have an excellent workout!