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Our customers love us – see what they have to say…

“I’m enjoying using the Gym. It’s practical, easy to change bands and I like it better than dumbbells because the resistance can be fine-tuned by stepping closer or away from the anchor point, and I can vary it to suit my ability. And it’s not so heavy to put away or get out. I’ve mentioned it on the Shapeshifter forum.”
– John

“I just wanted to let you know that I love, love, love my gym in a bag!!!  I have been using it for about 2 weeks and I am so happy with it.  It is so convenient and easy to use.  I am thrilled! I plan to write my review on my blog later this week or early next week.  Please let me know if you would like to do the giveaway at the same time.  Also, please let me know how to set up my blog to allow my readers to order the Gym In A Bag from my blog.”

Thanks again for this opportunity.


“I just wanted to thank you again for the Gym in a Bag. My client is very limited with what he can do and we don’t have much to work with so with some creativity, this is just perfect! He can’t fully extend his one tricep when there is resistance so I’ve connected both the cuffs to the bar and band and now he can do a full bilateral chest press. This is just one cool thing we’ve discovered 🙂 Again, thank you!”

-Melissa Traynor

“I’m a two-time world champion and current bench press world record holder..I tore a rotator  14 months ago and because of the gym in a bag I’ve been able to hit every plane and recuperate my shoulder without the surgery, I was told I would have to have. The Cuff free system is the key. Basically, anyone that uses the gym in a bag will buy one. I would never give a thumbs up for something I didn’t believe in, not only do I believe in the gym in a bag, I wouldn’t know what to do without mine. And another thing I really like the fact that it’s usable anywhere and will fit right in your suitcase. I’m able to get my workouts in at the hotel room on these long wrestling trips. And the crazy thing is there is more tension or weight than I can use…The local wrestling coach saw me using mine on Monday and he ordered his yesterday….”


– Charlie Farmer

“GYM IN A BAG IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! I am a 3-time WABDL World Bench Press Champion and currently have 5 WORLD BENCH PRESS RECORDS. The gym in a bag gives me the edge over the competition! I am a student at the University Of Montana Western. The college gym is lacking in a lot of equipment that I need but with the bag, you can turn any gym into a great gym!”


– Dustin Hanson

“OK. I ordered these here a month or so ago and I must say I’m impressed. They are very well made and a wide variety of exercises can be enhanced with the cuffs. The first thing I tried them on was lat pulldowns and the feeling in the lats was incredible. You actually feel the tension directly in the lats versus traps and biceps. The range of motion is less but you really know the lats are activated the whole time. I can say my upper lats have grown considerably in just a few weeks. They really shine on the tricep pushdowns as you can rotate your wrists to put max stress on the muscles. I found it to be much easier on my wrists as well. Doing “rope” pushdowns, I’ve brought my lateral triceps up a bit using the cuffs, too. The other week I used them on t-bar rows and it was the best they have ever felt. The upper back was activated much more and gave out long before the biceps. Doing seated rows is great, too, since you can turn your arms and get a longer range of motion. Altogether, I would say it’s well worth the investment. They are especially good for those of us where age has taken a toll on the joints. I can do exercises that were painful before using the Flexolate cuffs. These might be a good “stocking stuffer”


– John, Tampa FL

   “It pleases me to applaud the development of the grip-free Gym-In-A-Bag, which I use several times each week. I have yet to find an exercise that weight-lifters use that I cannot closely duplicate. There are several advantages to using grip-free technology and the resistance bands. The most important is not what it does, but rather the injuries it prevents. My experience as a physician put me in contact with numerous injuries related to lifting weights. These included back strain, shoulder injuries, as well as torn ligaments and muscles. The violent jerking and straining is apparent to everyone who watches those lifting weights. The pulley systems are much kinder to the body, as are the Nautilus machines and their ilk. But in terms of safety, cost and effectiveness, the hands-down winner is the Gym-In-A-Bag. The elimination of gripping to exercise the larger muscles of the body is a godsend, enabling children and seniors to exercise effectively without fear of injury, just like the middle-aged athletes. The progressivity of the band tension is fabulous. With heavyweights, especially, the initial jerk and launch of the weight is dangerous, and a violent event for the body. The bands begin with no resistance and the progressivity of resistance is nearly infinite, accommodating beautifully and naturally to the strength and physiques of the users. I think injuries are nearly impossible since one can constantly adjust for the ideal tension, no matter which muscle groups are being stressed. Muscles are like people: kindness is important and builds strength. Many are the kids and seniors who quit working out due to the violence inherent in the tools of the typical gym. There is more pain than gain, and injuries are common. Physical Therapist recognizes this, and much prefer elastic bands to weights. The typical weakness of grip that one sees in children and older adults further accentuates the virtues of grip-free technology. For everyone, irrespective of age, one can focus on the bigger, stronger muscles, without dissipating energy in gripping.
The device is darn cheap, in comparison with machines and weights and memberships in gymnasia, and it is very, very portable, fitting neatly in a fanny pack or backpack, perhaps leaving the bar at home. The convenience is stunning, allowing one to hook the bands to a fence, a post, a door, or a car bumper. I have never seen anything like it, nor anything better. I use it and encourage all my friends and family to use it. It is absolutely wonderful. I am possibly in better shape now at age 66 than I was at age 35. I feel like a kid again, and I feel in control when I exercise, nearly every day. I heartily recommend the Gym-In-A-Bag to everyone. It is revolutionary, and, in the future, will dominate muscle development and fitness like nothing before its arrival on the scene. Its impact on the physical therapy and rehabilitation world will be revolutionary. Trust me. I know of what I speak.”

Glenn Winstead, M.D.
Disclaimer: Although I am a friend of those who sell the G.I.A.B., I have no financial interest in the company and was not paid for my opinion. You should buy this thing.

“Thank you for putting me in contact with Jerry McGowan in regards to purchasing the gym in a bag. Their customer service and follow through was great. There is a common theme that runs through both your respective companies. That theme is, of course, customer satisfaction.   The best part of customer satisfaction is that it leads to customer loyalty.

Which is better? Satisfied customers or loyal customers. Satisfied customers shop anywhere.  There are many websites that do what you do. BUT,  A loyal customer will tell all his friends about your business and will return time and time again. As presidents of your respective companies my hats off to you for going the extra mile and your focus on attention to detail.  This has and will continue to set you apart from the rest of the pack and leave you better positioned in a competitive market.”

David Garland

“First,  the replacement bar arrived today.  Thank you.  Secondly, I wish every company I dealt with had the exceptional, extraordinary, EFFICIENT, customer service of your company!”


“I used the straps for the first time yesterday, for some shoulder shrugs, and I was very [very] pleased with how they felt and worked.  In the past year I have tried a number of different types and even recently purchased the Hold-Ons brand with the metal hooks attempting to take the stress off of my elbows, esp. when doing heavy weight dumbbell shoulder exercises, but I think the simplicity and comfort of your straps are by far preferable, and quite a bit more affordable than your competition.  I could see a lot of people eyeballing the straps as they saw me using them last evening.  I am certain that I could be a spokesperson in my local gym with your product.  I have already fielded a good many questions and comments about my Hold-On hooks, which I also just started using in the past couple of weeks, but I think the Flexsolate straps will soon become my exclusive workout companions. Thanks again for the information.  I am relieved that there is little risk that I can lift something that will damage the straps or risk a mishap. Much appreciated, esp. coming from the president of the company!”


My new cuffs were waiting for me when I got home last night! FedEx Express! Thank you SO much! Your company ROCKS!! Do you mind if I post this great experience on my FastTracktoFatLoss Blog? Give a shout out for your excellent customer service? I am LOVING the GIAB! People on FT kept telling me how terrific it is, and they were right! I’ve been doing Kim’s workout with the bar this week and I really feel it! Thanks again, and have a great day!

– Kitty 🙂

“I have had the privilege to know Terry Baldwin for the past twenty-two years as a patient, friend, and for the past seven years as a personal trainer.  Terry is a chiropractic advocate and understands that the nervous system is the key component in fitness training as well as rehabilitation of specific injuries.   Rehabilitation is vital to activate all neurological pathways for all the different muscle groups and joints so the central nervous system functions to its potential.  The Gym-In-A-Bag Rehab (GIABR) is extremely effective in isolating and targeting specific muscles with movements and with restrictive stress.

The GIABR has received high ratings from my patients for overall training and strengthening.  On the average, our office sells ten GIABR per week.  The GIABR is a routine program for the majority of our personal injury patients as it is effective and is easy to teach patients how to use. And yes when the attorney or insurance company inquires of home exercise programs you have done what is expected.Be reimbursed for sharing such an outstanding product.  It is simple, specific, and a space saver.  The upper body exercises are limitless.  The gripless straps, breakdown bar, and exercise cords are very effective for squats and lunges which help the low back conditions.  For me, the convenience to be able to travel with the four and a half pound bag and produce high-level conditioning is an extraordinary plus.”

– Scott Matz, DC

“Jerry, in 2003 I injured my wrist that ended up needing reconstructive surgery, which in turn left me with permanent lifting restrictions. Since being on my weight loss journey, I came to the point where I needed to add some resistance training in order to move me along. Chad Tackett suggested I try the grip free cuffs. I am so thankful that I did! It has really helped without risk of reinjuring my wrist. I am thankful for the progress since consistently using the Gym in a Bag!”
Sincerely, Theresa